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Dr. Oz Is Hopeful That These Two Drugs Will Slow Down Coronavirus

Dr. Oz Visits "The Elvis Duran Z100 Morning Show"

Health expert, Dr. Oz is on a mission to help people during this coronavirus pandemic. "It gives me purpose," he explains to Elvis Duran Monday, March 23rd when he called into the show.

"50% of the people in China had significant depression," the doctor explains to the show, so it is important to show kindness to others in any way you can. That's not why Dr. Oz called in though. He called in to share very exciting, hopeful news to our listeners.

On Thursday there was a paper released, now published, by a "very well respected French doctor." He took "a combination of two old drugs," Dr. Oz explains, "The two drugs are ZPak, a well known antibiotic and a drug commonly used to treat malaria."

"This combination offers a lot of promise to kill off coronavirus... He used it on 36 patients and he found that in 100% of the people who got the combination of the drugs, there was no virus left in 6 days."

This changes everything. However Dr. Oz needs to make sure you know that they don't have enough of these pills, "I don't want people hoarding these pills." He goes on to explain, "they are just a crutch or tool that can help us in a desperate situation... It gives me tremendous hope."

Dr. Oz reassures us that "We will figure this out for sure in the next few weeks."

Listen to Dr. Oz's entire breakdown of these drugs below as well as the #1 piece of advice that he has for everyone right now.