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Gandhi Reveals Her Christmas Gift To Elvis Duran Live On The Air

We need a little Christmas, right this very minute! After playing Christmas music and sharing stories of Hallmark Christmas movies coming back and people putting up their lights, Gandhi decided it was an appropriate time to show Elvis Duran the Christmas gift she had gotten him before he made a rule of 'no gifts.'

"We were talking about Christmas," Gandhi begins to tell Elvis on the air Friday, "I don't know if you remember but I bought you something for Christmas before you said you don't want any Christmas gifts and the best thing we could do was to not give you something."

Gandhi continues, "So I ended up keeping what I was going to get you and now that we're all home this thing is staring at me and I want you to see the present that I kept that I was going to give you."

As she pulls it out over the Skype cameras, Froggy cheers, "That's so cool!"

"OH MY GOD what is that?" Elvis Duran says in excitement, "It's an old timey microphone lamp.... I love that!"

Take a look at the photo of the lamp above! Do you think Elvis should accept the Christmas gift? It is pretty cool!

Photo: Getty