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Carla Marie Makes Plea To Young People After Mom's Surgery Was Postponed

Our friend Carla Marie is making a plea to young people to stop partying on spring break and to keep their social distance from one another.

Carla Marie of the radio show, Carla Marie and Anthony in Seattle, was asked to join Fox and Friends to talk about her current situation and how the coronavirus is affecting her. "My mom’s open heart surgery was cancelled because the hospital has COVID-19 patients," explains Carla Marie, "Now it’s way beyond coronavirus patients and getting the coronavirus, it’s people and their families who have cancer heart problems and you want your family to get the best treatment for whatever they have."

Unfortunately teens, college students are still finding ways to escape from social distancing and continuing their spring break trips. How do we get through to these people? Carla Marie says, "I think they need people in their lives to tell them how they’re feeling and their stories. I have friends and family who at first wasn’t thinking this was real either." She continues, "I think that’s the problem.. They aren’t connecting with their families right now."

"It’s crazy how much it affects all of us in different ways." You can watch Carla Marie in her entire interview with Fox and Friends above!