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Former Elvis Duran Intern 'Presumed Positive' With COVID-19

Former Elvis Duran and the Morning Show intern, Leslie, has recently found out she has COVID-19.

The 27-year-old was on a run when she says she went from 100% to absolute zero. She suddenly felt dizzy and had to call her mom while she stumbled home, worried of what was happening to her.

"So I had a sore throat days ago," Leslie begins to tell the morning show, "And I kind of wrote it off as seasonal allergies. And then yesterday I went for a run, and I'm a good runner, I ran the Brooklyn half [marathon]... and three minutes into the run I got so out of breath that I had to stop running. I got super super dizzy so I walked back to my apartment and within a half and hour I had a fever, I was incapacitated with insane body aches. It all happened really really quickly."

However Leslie did not go in to the doctor's office for it would put others at risk if she did so. "I did a virtual visit to Mt Sinai cause they set that up for this specifically so that way you don't get anybody sick on your way to the hospital. They diagnosed me that way. Unfortunately they don't have enough tests so they can't actually test anyone who does not need to be in the ICU at this point. I'm otherwise young and healthy so they won't.. so I was called a 'presumed positive.'"

"It doesn't feel like the flu," says Leslie, "I've had the flu before, this is very different." She continues saying, "This was so specific, and the body aches are different from nothing I've ever felt before." Elvis Duran still insures his audience though that people may show the virus differently than Leslie, for some it may be a confusing. Even actor Idris Elba, who tested positive for the virus was yet to show any symptoms.

Listen to Leslie's entire phone call into the show from this morning below! We wish her a safe recovery.

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