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Skeery Tries To Convince Parents Not To Travel Because Of Coronavirus

Skeery Jones is upset. His parents are keeping their plans to fly to Florida for vacation and him and his sister have been trying their best to convince them not to go.

“Yeah... I mean between him and my daughter breaking my chops, you know I told them listen, 'I’ve been planned this thing, I want to get away. It’s beautiful, It’s nice and sunny… it’s 75. It’s great down there. I kind of need a vacation, I plan on going,'” Skeery's dad explains to the morning show about his decision for him and his wife to head down to Florida for vacation. “I’m only going for a week, otherwise I probably would drive.”

Skeery's dad continues, “Back in the day, when they said 'the elderly,' I never put myself in that category... But all of a sudden I look at my wife and I say.. 'that’s us!'” If the plane has fuel he says, they are going and they are getting on that plan.

Skeery's mom chimes in saying, “You know what I am, I am excited about going, we planned it, but with this coronavirus, it is something we are concerned about but for everybody us. My husband and I, we are in good health, and I will take precautions. I’ll be wearing gloves.”

After still putting up a fight, Skeery concludes the conversation saying, "Mommy I love you. I love daddy. And the only reason Jennifer [Skeery's sister] and I speak to you this way is because we care about you and your safety, and you're over 70."

Listen to their entire exchange below!