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Feel Goods - Celebrate Earth Month And #GiveUpTheBottle With ethique

Due to popular demand, once a week we are bringing ITEMS you can buy for a great cause during Feel Goods, and that’s kicking off today!

So I have decided to get a jump on celebrating Earth Month with the brand “ethique”, which is on a mission to #GiveUpTheBottle! And by that they mean plastic bottles, which we use so often.

ethique is a wellness / hygiene company, that makes things like shampoos, deodorants, and body washes, all without plastic!

They figured that at his rate, the year 2050 will have more plastic in the water than fish! THAT IS A HUGE DEAL! So they products come in bar form, in a little paper compostable box!

PLUS, we have to be mindful of our world’s water supply, because there is a lot less that’s consumable than people seem to think (seriously….only 0.3 is both consumable and accessible). And since ethique doesn’t use bottles, it saves the 83 liters of water used to make 500 grams of plastic! PLUS most shampoos and conditions are largely made of water. So we are conserving all around! YAY!

I bought the “Tone It Down” purple shampoo for color-treated hair, “The Guardian” conditioner, “Botanica” deodorant (which smells amazing), and the “Matcha, Lime & Lemongrass” bodywash! HOORAY CONSERVATION!!!!


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