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Producer Of 'Love Is Blind' Explains Missing Mud Stain On Giannina's Dress

New popular show on Netflix, Love is Blind, has fans raging about its dramatic moments. Love Is Blind is a reality show where people fall in love without having seen each other before, but hopefully get married a month after meeting. It aired on Netflix on February 13th and ended on February 27th with only two out of the five couples saying "I do."

The most dramatic moment of all was when Damian turned down marrying Giannina at the alter. Giannina quickly walked out of the ceremony and ran through the streets of Atlanta and fell ruining her dress with mud. Viewers immediately noticed that when Giannina came back to talk to Damian, the mud on her dress was gone! Viewers began speculating that the scene had been set up and scripted. They took to Twitter to express their frustration. A viewer writes, "someone explain to me how Giannina fell and got mud on her dress and then after, was talking to Damien and had no mud on her. This show is so fake."

A producer from Love is Blind denied that the scene was fake and explained that before Giannina's confrontation with Damian, she was talking to her mom for 45 minutes and she cleaned her dress off for her. He emphasizes that the scene was only a condensed version of which actually went on fro hours. 

Despite the drama that went on that night, Giannina And Damian worked things out and got back together. 

Photo: Instagram/Giannina