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Emily Blunt Says She's Going To "Show Up" The Rock In 'Jungle Cruise'

Our very own Garrett from Elvis Duran and the Morning Show joins Emily Blunt at the red carpet premiere of A Quiet Place Part II to talk about the new thrilling movie!

Blunt reveals that there are some terrifying scenes, but she is sure fans will enjoy the new thriller. "There are some enormously exciting set pieces and big action scenes, there's a scene involving a bear trap that I think they're going to really enjoy," Blunt explains. With her other big project right around the corner, Jungle Cruise, she's ready to get back in the "iron paradise" and show up The Rock.

Garrett also caught up with John Krasinski and asked him about his thoughts on the Patriots. "Stay, I think the whole town of Boston is certainly the same we just want him to stay," Krasinski said about Tom Brady.

A Quiet Place is set to play in theaters on March 20th. Are you excited for Part II?