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Intern Nala Describes Shadowing Carla Marie + First Day Working With Elvis

Hey guyssss! ♡ My name is Nala (yes, like The Lion King) and I’m an intern at Elvis Duran and the Morning Show

I’m a senior at Rutgers University who majors in Journalism & Media Studies with a minor in American Studies while also tackling a master’s degree in communications & digital media… a literal mouthful. That isn’t where my love for this industry comes from, though. 

AsElvis Duran describes me, I am a “total radio fan.” I’ve been taking long morning commutes since I was a child and my mom made it a point to keep the radio on. At age 21, that passion has continued, taking me further than I could’ve imagined. Thanks to referrals and scholarships, I studied abroad in both Guatemala and Italy. This gave me the chance to experience real, impactful journalism. During that time, I reached out to Carla Marie (a former EDMS member) in hopes to visit her morning show in Seattle.The Carla Marie & Anthony Show invited me behind-the-scenes to witness them work; they had a great guest, a dance party, and I was on-air! 

Currently, I'm the Production Manager and Entertainment News Director at 88.7 WRSU-FM New Brunswick while also working a couple of other jobs. I’m a lucky weirdo considering the simple fact that my hobbies and passions intersect with my work-life. Because of this, I have spent most of my college career editing audio, being an on-air personality and creating all different kinds of content (check some of it out on my Instagram, @nochillnala).

Walking into The EDMS studio for the first time felt better than sex (or chocolate… whatever gets you the most excited). My first day here was Super Bowl Monday, the most called-out day of the year. Despite the shenanigans that took over their bodies the night before, every single person at The EDMS was still so positive and willing to teach me. Maybe everyone was still a little drunk from the night before, perhaps all the free food gave the crew great vibes, or maybe everyone is genuinely that kind at 5 in the morning… nonetheless, I had so much fun! 

Before this internship, I have never been in a productive workspace that felt so… like home! Hearing that this show is like a family is one thing, but truly witnessing and experiencing their love for each other is another. Something about your hard work finally paying off creates the most satisfying feeling ever and being surrounded by people who can say the same thing FEELS AMAZING! 

So yeah, this internship is better than sex, chocolate, Zac Efron as a boyfriend… I don’t think much could compare. 

♡, @NoChillNala