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Here's How You Can Make $1,000 Reviewing Episodes Of 'The Office'

A new job opportunity for The Office superfans has just surfaced!

USDish, the retailer of satellite dish television, announced a job that is offering $1,000 and all you have to do is watch episodes of The Office. USDish is searching for a fan to watch 15 hours of The Office over the course of nine days. This averages to about 45 episodes in total and only about four or five episodes a day. If you're already doing that in your spare time, then this is your dream job!

Yet, it is a bit more than just watching the show, USDish is interested in understanding how popular shows use common tropes. Therefore, the company is asking the fan to keep a checklist to tally how often certain things happen on the show. For instance, how often Jim does his famous camera-stare, or how many time Stanley rolls his eyes.

If you are selected and complete 15 hours of viewing The Office in nine days, then USDish will give $1,000, a Netflix gift card, and a gift bag filled with The Office swag.

To apply you'd have to fill out the form on the USDish's website with your basic information, a short essay, and an optional video. The position is only available to US citizens. The application is due on Monday, March 16 at 7pm ET. 

Photo: The Office/NBC