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Intern Elaina Breaks Down Her First Few Weeks At The Morning Show

Before I talk about how AWESOME this internship is, here is a little bit about me...

A fair warning when you first meet me, I talk with my hands... A lot. I’m Italian, so whoops, I can’t help it! It’s best if you stand at about a 5-foot radius from me to avoid being hit. My favorite music is ALL music! Don’t ask me about screamo though-- I don’t consider that music. :/ I love rap, pop, alternative, country, rock, punk, dance, and the list goes on and on. I love pop culture and my dream one day is to report celebrity news on TV or radio. It’s safe to say that working at Elvis Duran and the Morning Show is one step closer to my dream job!

I still have to pinch myself so I know my job as a radio intern is real! Seriously though, I am in awe I work here. The radio hosts on the show are exactly how they sound on-air. The whole crew is so welcoming and down-to-earth. Although every day is great here, I have two days that are my favorite so far. I met Meghan Trainor on my second day and WOW, She is so cool and sweet. My other favorite day is when I had tacos for breakfast, and I loved every single second. I ate chips and guac at 7 am. I think that’s the closest I have been to heaven!

I really love talking to callers on the phone and helping contribute to the show. It is so fun to talk to people from all over America. We definitely hear some interesting things..... I cannot wait to see what else this internship has in store for me!

-Intern Elaina