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The Cast Of 'I Am Not Okay With This' Talk Characters + Supernatural World

Netflix released its latest comedy series aimed at young adults called “I Am Not Okay With This,” on February 26. The show follows a teenage girl, Sydney, as she navigates through high school while dealing with her family, sexuality and mysterious superpowers.

Sam Rosalie sat down and chatted with the cast about the new show. She spoke with Sophia Lillis, Wyatt Oleff, Sofia Bryant, and Richard Ellis. Ellis revealed that despite the supernatural occurrences on the show, he does not believe in the supernatural world. Bryant completely disagreed and explained that she is a believer but her supernatural experiences have always been off set. "I always try to rationalize like a door will close randomly and i'm like it has to be the wind," Richard explains.

When Bryant and Ellis were asked to describe their characters on the show, Bryant described Dina as a bubbly and confident person with a a lot of room to grow while Ellis called Brad "a tool." In contrast, Oleff thought the characters on this show represented Lillis and himself very well.

Lillis was also eager to be a part of this project because she "loved the director and I loved the script and I thought it was really funny."

The cast hopes viewers relate to the characters and keep wanting more after the first season. 

Watch the full interview below!