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Straight Nate Gets Foot Examined By Dr. Brad Schaeffer

'My Feet Are Killing Me' on TLC is coming to its season finale tonight at 10pm, but not before a quick examination of Straight Nate's foot on Elvis Duran and the Morning Show Thursday morning.

Dr. Bradley Schaeffer of the hit TLC show, 'My Feet Are Killing Me', stopped by the Elvis Duran studios to talk about the past season, the worst foot case he's ever seen and to do a quick examination of this black spot Straight Nate has on his foot.

When asked about the one case on the show that made his cringe, Dr. Bradley responded saying there was one guy with "Extremely long nails, they were curling under and looked like they had triple toe nails," he continues saying, "When I saw it I knew I could help him, but I wondered why it took so long." It turns out that this patient really let himself go after his mother's death. When he came back for a follow up, Dr. Bradley said after the show aired fans of his formed at the diner he goes to every day because they wanted to say hi and show him he's not alone. Dr. Bradley said that was one of the most rewarding of his cases.

Dr. Bradley goes further with the morning show discussing at what point you should absolutely bring your feet to a doctor and even examines Straight Nate's feet right there in the studio? What does he discover after looking at the black spot on the bottom of Nate's foot?

It turns out the black mark on the bottom of Nate's foot is a blood blister that needs to be drained... gross right? But easily treatable! Watch Dr. Bradley Schaeffer's full interview below! Plus watch the season finale of 'My Feet Are Killing Me' on TLC tonight at 10pm.