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Costco Will Sell Panera Bread's Mac & Cheese In Microwavable Bowls

Are you ready for Panera Bread's classic mac and cheese in 2 to 3 minutes? I know I am!

Panera's famous mac and cheese is now going to be at the hands of Costco shoppers who will be able to make the dish right at home. Costco will now stock the item in microwavable cups with four 10 oz packages for only $9.99. It will be available at Costco locations in the Northeast, Midwest and Northwest and be carried out nationwide beginning May 25, 2020.

The announcement of the microwavable cups was revealed on the Instagram account @CostcoGuy4U, but now according to a representative from Panera Bread, the packages have been shipping to Costco stores since July 2019.

The label says the product features, “tender shell pasta perfectly nestled in our signature blend of creamy cheese sauce and tangy Vermont white cheddar cheese.” All you will need to do is remove the lid and film and microwave the cup for 2 to 3 minutes while stirring halfway through.

Who else will be running even faster to Costco now?!

Photo: Panera