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Guy Fieri Wants To Buy A Small Town And Name It 'Flavor'

Guy Fieri is bringing the flavor to the Elvis Duran studios. Fieri knows the way to our heart is chicken and came fully prepared to feed the entire morning show Wednesday, February 26th. While sitting down with Duran, Fieri discusses his new show coming out on the Food Network March 4th, 'Tournament of Champions,' as well as a future flavor TOWN and his favorite places from Triple D.

"Do not get me started on stuff like that," Fieri exclaims after being asked about a future 'Flavor Town.' He continues to say he has put serious thought into buying a small, off the grid, remote town that needs fixing up and renaming it 'Flavor Town.'

Right now Fieri is ready to get Munch Madness started on his new show 'Tournament of Champions,' coming to the Food Network March 4th. In this competition show 16 of the nation's most celebrated chefs face-off on tournament of champions. The show will premiere March 4th at 10pm EST with a 90-minute episode. This new competition show does not mean there will be an end to Triple D anytime soon.

Danielle Monaro asks Fieri what his favorite place on Triple D has been? "Who's your favorite relative," was his reply. He can't actually pick a favorite but he did say how incredible it is to see some of the Triple D joints go from one location to multiple. He even called out a joint called Grinders in Missouri, who "took it to a whole other level," they created a knew wave of Triple D chefs and cooks to take their food to military bases all over the world.

Watch Fieri's full interview on Elvis Duran and the Morning Show above. You'll see them play 'Foreign Food or GoT Character,' as well as discuss Fieri's new show even further!