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Watch Elvis Duran Show's Mad Libs Love Story

It wouldn't be Valentine's Day without a love story right? How about one you can create for fun? Elvis Duran and the Morning Show decided to break out Mad Libs for Valentine's Day this year to create their own love story. How did it go? Watch us below to see for yourself! And if you want to get in on the fun, here's Our Love Story Mad Libs!

When we first met you looked ____adjective___ and ____adjective____. I couldn’t believe my ______ part of the body______! You smelled like ___noun___ and walked as graceful as a ____noun_____. I couldn’t wait to ____verb____ you.I asked you if I could have your ____noun____. I could see a look of ____adjective_____ in your eyes. You hesitated for a moment and then gave me a _____noun (thing)______.I finally got to take you on our first date. You could make me _____verb____ so easily, like no one had before. When you touched me I felt ____plural noun_____ up my ____ part of the body_____. When you looked at me, I could see _____plural noun_____. I knew we were meant to be together.After a long night, I was so ______adjective_____ to bring you home. You looked at me and said ‘_____exclamation____’ and I just knew! You ____past tense verb_____ me and I _____past tense verb____ you.Here we are after all this time. It feels like it’s been _____number___ years. You make me want to _____verb____ and I will ____verb____ you forever.

Happily yours,