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Elvis Duran Reveals What He Got Husband Alex For Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is tomorrow and people are scrambling to figure out what to get their significant other! Elvis Duran got his husband Alex on the phone Thursday morning to discuss the gifts they have for each other.

"I got to thinking," says Elvis on the air, "We were talking about this at the beginning of the show while you were sleeping, you told me that my Valentine’s gift is arriving Monday and you said the reason being is because it was the Amazon deal of the day. Did I hear that right?"

"That's correct," replies Alex, "And you’re in Santa Fe so it’s being shipped out there and everything takes longer to be shipped out there."

"The good news," Elvis says, "is you’ll be here. It’ll be great I’ll receive it when you’re here then I’m thinking wait a minute I’m the Amazon freaking deal of the day for my Valentine’s gift I got a little sensitive about that. Your gift is arriving tomorrow. By the way your flowers are arriving tomorrow but you got a great deal. Gandhi and Danielle think I should be proud that you got a good deal on Amazon and that’s the gift."

Elvis continues, "I ordered you a gift to be delivered to your house today. It’s not the most romantic of gifts. And I know you have a lot of stuff going at the house. I thought it would not be a good idea to have it delivered so I’m having it redirected."

What did Elvis end up getting for Alex? a Coleman Powersport Mini Trail Bike and it's a gas powered mini cycle. "It’s something you order when you’re drinking at a bar," says Elvis.

Well so much for that Valentine's Day!!! Listen to the entire conversation below!

Photo: Phil Siciliano