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'Pound Puppies' Are Coming Back For Valentine's Day

One of the great hits of 1980s is coming back just in time for Valentine’s Day! Thanks to a licensing agreement with Hasbro, Basic Fun is bringing back Pound Puppies, and they look and feel just like you remember! They’re ready to be adopted and loved just like they were in the 80s.

According to the Basic Fun website, “Pound Puppies are soft, fuzzy babies who need someone to adopt them and love them, and have been waiting for someone like you to choose them as your very own pet.”

Basic Fun also explains that each Pound Puppy comes with a sticker sheet, name-tag and adoption certificate so you can write in the name you choose your new pet!

 The new collection has a total of six puppies which will also come with instructions to help kids learn about caring for pets before adopting real ones.

 Each Pound Puppy is an authentic reproduction of the original Pound Puppies from the 1980s and are available for $19.97 on Amazon and at Walmart. 

Photo: Basic Fun