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More Women Are Going Braless To Work: Here's Why

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According to Suzy Weiss, at the New York Post more and more young women are ditching bras in the workplace.

Dayna Kathan, a new cast member on Bravo’sVanderpump Rules,” told The Post: “If my male co-workers don’t have to wear a bra, then neither do I.” 

On a recent episode of the reality series, Kathan referred to bras as “breast prisions.” The 29-year-old also said, “I remember coming from my corporate job, and the second I got home I would unclasp my bra, like putting a key in the jail cell lock.”

Kathan clarified in an Instagram that although she hasn’t worn a bra since she was 26, she doesn’t think “bras are evil.”

Her bra-less streak has included both time in the corporate world, and her time at SUR, where her uniform is- in fellow SUR-ver’s words- a “thin, see-through” black body-con dress featuring the restaurant’s name splashed across the chest in gold.

This may seem out of the ordinary, but according to NYC career coach Judith Gerberg says “Milennial women are much more self-confident than women used to be.” She cites the increasing lax workplace dress codes as a driver of the trend, nothing that even the notoriously formal Goldman Sachs has also loosened up in recent years.

Gerberg continued to say, “Just like men aren’t wearing ties as part of their uniform, some women are forgoing bras.”

The most important thing, Gerberg says, is to do your job well- and if an ill-fitted undergarment is distracting you from that, well its best to just unclasp. 

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