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How Well Does Danielle Monaro's Mom Know Her?

How well does Danielle's mom know her?

Today on Elvis Duran and the Morning Show, we were joined by Danielle's mom. They are both heading to Florida for the rest of the week and in order to get to the airport on time, Danielle's mom came to the studio. However, we couldn't just let her come and watch us the entire time... we had to get her on the air! After playing 'Know Your Bro' with Jonas Brothers a few weeks ago, we decided to play that same game but with Danielle and her mom. "The Newly Mom" game or.... How Well Do You Know Your Daughter?

Between questions like Danielle's favorite food and when she lost her virginity.... Danielle answers the questions after her mom left the room. Then we brought Danielle's mom back into the room to see how well she knew the answers!

Does Danielle's mom realllyyyyy know her? Watch them below and see what score they get in this game!