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Is Cristina Yang Coming Back To 'Grey's Anatomy?' Here's Why We Think So

Grey’s Anatomy’ finally gave fans some long-awaited hints about Meredith’s [Ellen Pompeo] “person.” No, not Alex Karev who’s currently in Iowa, it was actually Sandra Oh’s Cristina Yang who returned in the ABC medical drama’s Thursday Jan 30. Episode, “A Hard Pill To Swallow.”

Although Cristina wasn’t physically in attendance at Grey Sloan in the episode, she sure was discussed plenty throughout the episode. And that’s a lot more that can be said for poor Alex Karev, who didn’t even get a mention this week.

At this point in time, it seems that the more probable Grey’s homecoming will be from Cristina Yang, who has been mentioned throughout Season 16. Let’s admit it, there isn’t much long-time viewers would love more than to see Meredith reunited with her “person.”

This season, Cristina has texted Meredith quite often, and don’t even forget the very-Cristina letter that Karev read on their former intern’s behalf at Meredith’s medical board hearing.

On January 30th we learned why Cristina sent Meredith the “McWidow” (aka Dr. Cormac Hayes) and the former Grey’s surgeon was talked about more than ever.

Here are just five times Cristina was the topic of conversation this week:

1. When Cristina Made A Strategic Use Of Emojis

This week’s episode began with the exact kind of text exchange you’d expect from Meredith and Cristina to have. Meredith began to question Cristina on what she meant when she referred to McWidow as a “gift.” Cristina quickly responded with a shrug emoji. Meredith then asked if it was a “professional or personal” gift, in which Cristina replied once again with the shrug emoji. Going three for three, Cristina sent another shrug emoji after Meredith said “I need more information!” Dr. Grey then ended the text convo with, “You’re not funny.”

2. Amelia Complimented Cristina’s Gift-Giving Skills

While preparing to break the news to Link that he may not in fact be the father of her unborn baby, Amelia sarcastically calls the texts from Cristina an “illuminating exchange.” After a hilarious moment where McWidow offered to tie Amelia’s shoe for her, she told Meredith that Cristina had sent her a “very-well wrapped gif.”

3. Meredith Addressed The “Elephant In The Room”

Meredith is still questioning just how Cristina and McWidow know one another, if they even do. During a quick hallway stroll with McWidow, Meredith finally asked why he might be in Seattle. “So, elephant in the room,” she began, adding “I’m not sure what Cristina said to you, but..” Only McWidow cut her off to ask twice, “Who?” And in true Meredith style, she immediately said, “Never-mind.” So there’s a possibility that McWidow and Cristina don’t actually know one another.

4. McWidow Discussed An Old Colleague

After a quick disagreement over the treatment plan for a patient, the Irish doc differed to the Grey Sloan vet. When he turned out to be the one whose plan of action was correct, however, he revealed that he’d learned the hard way. McWidow had previously been in Meredith’s shoes regarding a similar case in the past, but a fellow surgeon at Zurich’s Klausman institute “adamantly disagreed” with him and ultimately reigned supreme. Who was that colleague? “Dr. Yang,” he said. “Absolute nightmare.”

5. When McWidow Revealed Cristina Hasn’t Changed One Bit

After the procedure, McWidow promised Meredith he wouldn’t “rub it in” the way his co-worker had. “When I was on the other side of this, Yang drove me mad,” he told Meredith. “She gave me notes all over the place. Every day for month.s ‘Yang was right, you were wrong.’ Little pictures of resected lungs.” Meredith remarked that his story sounded about right. “Do you know her? McWidow asked. And again, in true Meredith style, she simply said, “Um….I gotta go.”

As the mystery of McWidow continues there is only one person who could quickly solve it. Cristina Yang herself! We will have to wait and see if a Cristina Yang homecoming is in the works.

Photo: ABC