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Elvis Duran Responds To Appearance In Taylor Swift Documentary

Taylor Swift's documentary Miss Americana is out now on Netflix and we could not be more excited about it. The documentary follows her through monumental points of her career, as well as the moments like when she decided to speak out on politics for the first time and more.

Our very own, Elvis Duran, was in a short clip in the documentary, but not at the greatest part.... “Here’s what I hate about it. I’m in it for like 3 seconds. Ugh. It’s one of the most embarrassing moments of my career. And I had nothing to do with it. For once it wasn’t my fault,” Elvis Duran tells his listeners and members of the show Monday, February 3rd, morning. He explains saying:

“I was on the red carpet at the Grammy’s with Entertainment Tonight, ET and Nancy O’Dell. And Taylor Swift walked the red carpet. And we were first up because we were CBS, we had all the artists first. And they were kind of smart to have me on. Cause we actually have the connections with artists to bring them over. That’s why they had me on. They used us for that.”

He continues:

“Anyway, but they didn’t let me host it. They made Nancy O’Dell do it because it’s her show. So Nancy O’Dell says ‘You’re gonna go home tonight with more than awards, you’re gonna go home with a guy tonight,’ or something like that. And so Taylor looks at her and says ‘I’m not going home with anyone tonight.’ It was like a stupid thing that Nancy O’Dell said..... And so I’m standing next to her like ‘Uh I had nothing to do with that question. Wasn’t me.’ And so, I made the documentary in one of my most embarrassing times.”

Watch the moment on the red carpet below:

You can listen to Elvis' entire analysis of the moment below!

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