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'Bachelor' Fans Threaten Petition For Age Minimum Of 27 To Be On The Show

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Fans of 'The Bachelor’ seem to collectively have one problem with recent contestants- their ages.

As we all know , the ‘Bachelor’ is one of the hottest reality shows on TV right now. Each season we get to meet a new round of contestants who fight to win the heart of the latest heartthrob chosen. The contestants seek to persuade the audience, their fellow contestants, and the man handing out the all-important roses, all while trying to find love and (hopefully) eventually marriage.

But recently it’s been very rare that the show’s finale features a proposal and that the proposal leads to wedded bliss. Part of this problem seems to be that the incentive to appear on a reality show means more to contestants than actually finding true love. Numerous contestants have seemed to have used their time on the show as a way to launch their careers in entertainment.

And many fans have started to think that the most recent season of ‘The Bachelor’ have suffered because of its contestants' questionable motives, and maybe even their ages.

Meg Rotter at Cosmo has proposed a solution to this problem, and it was inspired by one of the most weepy contestants (so far) from Peter Weber’s season, Mykenna Dorn.

Mykenna is a 22-year-old fashion blogger from British Columbia. Known for being this season’s cry-baby, Mykenna’s teary responses to almost everything have already inspired some hilarious memes.

Meg Rotter was quick to note that perhaps Mykenna’s coping difficulties might have something to do with her age, and that she is especially young to be competing on a show in which the ultimate goal is marriage and kids. Rotter recommends that the show consider instituting a new age minimum of 27.

This brings up an interesting point, how young is “too young” to be a contestant on ‘The Bachelor’?

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