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Dog Video Goes Viral As One Dog Helps The Other 'Achieve Her Dream'

A recent video of two dogs and a big stick went viral! The video, which has sixty thousand retweets and two hundred thousand likes on Twitter, shows two Golden Retrievers helping each other out to lift a big stick.

The video starts off with one golden retriever struggling to lift and balance a stick in the park but then receives help from its other furry friend. With both dog's strength, they were able to lift the stick together and take it with them. Viewers went crazy over how cute the video was in the Twitter comment section. Tweets like "this made my day," "These dogs helping each other was the medicine I needed," and "brilliant, I needed this" are just a few of the comments on Twitter.

I later found out that the dogs are named Willow and Preston and although the video was posted by @GillOshaughness it wasn't actually her own footage but her producer's! If you want to follow more of Willow and Preston's adventure, be sure to follow them on their very own Instagram account @thelifeofwillowandpreston.

Watch all the cuteness in the video above!

Photo: Instagram/Willow & Preston