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Bobbi Brown Reveals What Men Can Do For Their Facial Complexion

Every time Bobbi Brown comes to Elvis Duran and the Morning Show we are reminded to drink water and wear sunscreen. It's the only two things that are a must according to Bobbi. However that is not what she came into the studio for today.

Bobbi's latest product 'Chill' a CBD product that comes with 30 orange, lemon and grape flavored gummies. "They're good to give you the relaxation and good for any kind of pain in your body." She said it's especially good to help with inflammation and aches.

Bobbi Brown truly does it all. She has opened a hotel, travels around the globe partnering with people for Evolution_18 and is now even starting a podcast: "The Real Bobbi Brown, Beyond the Beauty."

"You're very busy but yet you still get bored... that's the sign of someone who succeeds," says Elvis to Bobby on his show January 28th.

While pulling questions from our Instagram account (@ElvisDuranShow), one of the questions that stuck out was what men should do for their facial complexion. Bobbi says you shouldn't put on makeup, maybe a little bronzer if you would really like. But you really shouldn't touch it, she says.

You can watch Bobbi Brown's full interview with Elvis Duran above! Also, use code "BobbiLovesElvis" to get a discount at EVOLUTION_18 today!