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Elvis Duran Meets His Neighbor Randomly On-Air

2017 iHeartRadio Music Festival - Night 1 - Backstage

Every day we field calls from all of the country, however Monday morning, January 27th, Elvis Duran randomly picked up the phone only to find out he was talking to his neighbor!

“I was just calling to see if Elvis Duran lives in Somerset County, New Jersey because I saw his doppelgänger over the weekend and it was pretty crazy," said Listener Sal. Little did he know he was talking directly to Elvis himself because Elvis decided he was just going to answer the phone himself! Well it turns out, it wasn't Elvis' doppelgänger he saw, it was Elvis himself!

“I was checking out- not you- I was checking out my groceries," said Sal when he realized he was talking to Elvis. “Yeah that was me," replied Elvis, "I shop in that King’s all the time. It’s my favorite grocery store.”

After talking a little longer, the two of them realized they were practically neighbors! How random is that!

You can listen to Sal's full conversation with Elvis Duran and the Morning Show below!