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Firefighters Warn TikTok Users Of Potential Deadly "Outlet Challenge"

Plugging in

TikTok users are being warned against 'potentially deadly' challenge on the app. The "Outlet Challenge" is where TikTok users are being told to partially insert the plug part of their cell phone charger in an outlet and then slide a penny down the wall onto the exposed prong. This can create sparks, cause electrocution, or even start a fire.

Firefighters in Massachusetts are hoping to help stop the new viral challenge. The Outlet Challenge has been linked to the scorching of outlets in Holden and Plymouth as well as a fire at Westford Academy where one student is facing criminal charges.

“We are working with the Plymouth Police and Fire Departments to fully understand the scope of this issue and pursue charges to the fullest extent of the law,” Superintendent Dr. Gary Maestas said in a statement, according to WBZ.

Parents are being warned to keep an eye out for any attempts for the challenge.

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