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The Office's Creed Was Almost Fired Season 2 Of The Show

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"Who's Pam?" One of my favorite lines from The Office in the history of the show. Who asked this iconic question? Creed.

Actor Creed Bratton was best known for his mysterious life and lack of awareness to everyone in the office. Turns out the character and actor avoided getting fired on The Office in Season 2 of the show. Turns out this more than a plot during the season and actually almost happened. Creed reveals this all to his former co-stars Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey on their Office Ladies podcast, Wednesday January 15th.

Season 2, Episode 5 titled "Halloween," Michael Scott (Steve Carell) was told he must fire someone from Dunder Mifflin due to cutbacks. In the episode it came down to Creed or Devon White (Devon Abner). Jenna explains in the podcast that it couldn't be any of the series regulars because they were under contract. The Office creator, Greg Daniels also didn't want to hire a new actor just to fire them, so it came down to Creed and Decon the only two background characters.

According to Creed, Daniels said, "At the time, he told us, 'One of you guys is going to have to go, but we don’t know yet. We’re going to shoot you both and see how it works out.'" In the episode Devon was the one who was let go, although Michael tried to fire Creed first. Jenna let us know that Devon "had a theater contract and that he was going to go on tour with a play," which is why his character got cut!

This was also the first time Creed actually had lines on the show. "I remember [producer] Kent Zbornak threw the script down and said, 'OK here it is. This is your moment,'"

And his moment it was!

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