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How Do You Define A 'Casual' Relationship?

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Are you in a casual relationship? How do you feel about it? Elvis Duran asks this question Tuesday, January 21st to the morning show.

After fielding in calls from all different types of casual relationships they all had one thing in common. They would be extremely hurt and upset if the person they were casually seeing was seeing someone else... "If 2 people honestly agree with the situation, no one else gets a say.." says listener Beth.

Listener Michelle writes on Facebook, "Yes. I hate it but we have no other options. He has responsibilities to his family and friends, l have a farm and a steady volunteer position most weekends, and we both work 60 hours a week. We try to make time together once a month. It's the best we can do.."

Listener Theodora writes, "I have a friend he and his wife live in different states she has a house in GA and he has a house in FL and they see each other on the weekends and it’s been like that for 8+ years. I personally think that’s weird but to each their own."

This also brought up on the show couples in serious relationships that do not see or sleep together every night.... Listen to Elvis Duran explain his relationship with Alex and the rest of the morning show chime in about their relationships below!