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Joe Jonas Admits He’s Afraid Of Avril Lavigne

During their takeover of Elvis Duran and The Morning Show, the Jonas Brothers participated in a game of “Know Your Bro,” in which Kevin and Nick were asked questions about their brother Joe to see how well they knew him. 

When asked about what Joe is most scared of, Kevin and Nick revealed that in his younger years, Joe was terrified of Avril Lavigne and actually used to have reoccurring nightmares of her in his sleep. Once back in the room, Joe confirmed his fear of Avril Lavigne and talked about how his brothers used to prank him about it.

“If you asked me like 20 years ago, it would be Avril Lavigne. When I was about 10 years old, I had a dream that she came and killed my entire family.”

But this fear hasn’t lasted long. Joe revealed that his new fear is spiders, and when he met Avril Lavigne she was very nice. However, when on tour with her, he revealed that his brothers pranked him. 

“We toured with her. It’s all good. But, right as the tour started, in my bunk, they decorated with pictures of Avril Lavigne.” 

You can watch Joe admit this fear on Elvis Duran and the Morning Show below!