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Is Coaster Boy Josh A Lumbersexual?

Is Coaster Boy Josh a "lumbersexual?" Let's discuss.

On the Elvis Duran and the Morning Show Thursday, January 16th, Elvis Duran was discussing several different dating apps. Our friend Jamie came in and told us about a dating app called "farmers only" where you can meet a farmer (our friend Jamie is not a farmer just looking for one). We decided to open it up to listeners who called in with the most absurd dating apps they've signed up for. One listener called in to tell us about a dating app that used to exist for people attracted to "lumbersexuals." What is a lumber sexual exactly?

A lumbersexual is defined as "a male hipster who affects a rugged, outdoorsy look, typified by plaid shirts and a full beard." So is Coaster Boy Josh a lumbersexual. Looks like it to me! Read the comments on our Instagram above and let us know if you think he falls into this category!