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“Who Tweeted That Tweet?” With Elvis Duran

Who tweeted that tweet? Elvis Duran and the Morning Show edition.

Elvis Duran read off tweets that have been posted on Twitter from the accounts of Danielle, Gandhi, Skeery, Froggy and himself. Could you guess the tweets read by Elvis this morning?

Here are a few:

"At the airport. To my left, an Indian chemical engineer discussing distillation design. To my right, a Turkish astrophysicist talking about stellar dynamics. In the middle, me. Sending nudes. America is doomed."

Have a guess? The answer is Gandhi aka @babyhotsauce!

Here's another one:

"Ok! Just saw someone take ice out of the fresh fruit display. The ice that keeps the fruit cold! Then she ate the ice! YUCKY!"

If you guessed Danielle, you are correct!

One more for you:

"How does The Rock pee? He Dwaynes his Johnson!"

How could anyone else have tweeted this but Elvis Duran himself!

Watch us play the game Who Tweeted That Tweet above! How many can you get right?