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Grandma Accidentally Calls Life Alert For Hilarious Reason

Italian Grandmother

On the Elvis Duran and the Morning Show, January 13th, Elvis Duran mentioned getting Straight Nate a life alert button, after finding out his fiancé was away this weekend and wasn't home with Nate in case there was an emergency. For when Nate is home alone or on his own, Elvis wants to get him a life alert button so that if he ever finds himself in a situation someone could be there.

After having this discussion on-air, Listener Ashley called in to tell us how her Grandma kept accidentally pushing her life alert button because her boobs kept getting in the way. This led to the random discussion of Grandma's boobs, which led to another listener calling in about a grandma that would have to place her boobs on the dinner table because they couldn't fit underneath it.

Listen to our entire discussion about Grandma's boobs below!