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Elvis Duran Gives Retiring Employee A Trip To Paris, Nashville And $10,000

Anita Scipio has been greeting guests and answering phones at iHeartRadio for the past 19 years, but her job entails much more than that. She has helped interns and new employees feel welcomed, chatted with guests and made everyone feel like when they walked into iHeart, they were home. Her infectious laugh rings throughout the halls and could be heard from the men's bathroom per Elvis Duran.

Everyone in the building can tell you how Anita has once made them feel special, important or just good. "I've always been treated like a queen here," recalls Anita on Elvis Duran and the Morning Show Friday, January 10th. "The love that I've gotten in return is so overwhelming." Her kind heart deserves much more than the retirement party we are throwing for her after her years spent at the company. Elvis has decided to gift her and her husband a first class trip to Paris, a first class trip to Nashville (a city she has always wanted to see), a cruise on Norwegian Cruise Line and $10,000 to spend on hotel and accommodations in these places.

You can watch Anita's appearance on Elvis Duran and the Morning Show above.