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Kesha Doesn’t Care If People Think She’s A Cheesy Bitch

As Kesha gears up for her fourth studio album, High Road being released January 31, 2020, she is all smiles as she talks her already released singles "Raising Hell," and "My Own Dance," and talking about her upcoming tour with Big Freedia.

"I met Big Freedia on the cruise," Kesha tells Elvis Duran Thursday, January 9th. Kesha partnered up with Norwegian Cruise Line to create Kesha's Weird and Wonderful Rainbow Ride, that Gandhi from the Elvis Duran and the Morning Show was able to go to! Kesha jokingly tells the show she used the cruise to get Big Freedia on the ship to befriend them. The friendship ultimately led to matching tattoos, a song and now a tour!

With her new album approaching, Kesha is ready to keep moving forward. "This record is like me reclaiming all sense of my voice.. I’m not going to let the past define me." She admits in the interview that when recording songs she had no idea where to start. "I didn’t know what to make after Rainbow [ studio album] and everything I’ve been through. I didn’t know what the world expected from me." She jokes that her brother thought she was being ridiculous thinking of what others expect of her and said to just write some pop songs. "I love pop music and I don’t care if people think I’m a cheesy bitch because I am. I love being a cheesy bitch."

With her album High Road coming January 31st, a (so far) 23 show tour after that, another Rainbow cruise and a vegan friendly makeup line on the way, Kesha is extremely busy, but ready for all of it.

Watch her full interview with Elvis Duran below!