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Captain Lee Describes Moment He Knew Kate Chastain Left Below Deck

The yacht on Below Deck took a sharp turn and somehow docked in the Elvis Duran studios Monday morning January 6th.

Captain Lee and Kate Chastain joined Elvis Duran and the Morning Show to talk about their upcoming 100th episode of Below Deck tonight as well as their special on Watch What Happens Live! with Andy Cohen tonight. Part of this season, Chastain left the boat leaving fans and Captain Lee anxious to see if she'll ever return. How did Captain Lee find out about Chastain leaving the yacht? "Nobody on the crew would tell me anything," said Captain Lee to Elvis.

I had no doubt that Kate was gonna come back. But it was kind of ironic or funny the way that I found out that she had actually gone. Nobody on the crew would tell me anything. I mean they were just- everybody was avoiding me that morning. And I kept calling for Kate and Kate’s not answering her radio. Kate always answers her radio. So here comes Rhylee, brought me my coffee, and the coffee was so horrendous. I mean you could’ve stuck a spoon in it and it would’ve just stayed erect. It was terrible, and no cheerios. Kate’s not here, Kate didn’t make this coffee. Cause Kate would never send such a terrible cup of coffee. The only thing she delivered was the bad coffee.

When asked about why Chastain and Captain Lee believe the show is so captivating to fans, they said the show gives people a glimpse into a world they know nothing about. "I think it's really interesting to see a reality show where we are doing a real job," says Chastain. She says being in a confined space and having real work issues, the stories write themselves. It is a real as reality TV can get.

Where can you hear more from Captain Lee and Kate Chastain? You can read Captain Lee's memoir "Running Against The Tide," as well as read Chastain's "Lucky Charming," which made it to Amazon's #1 best seller list in 2016. You can catch their full interview with Elvis Duran below!