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Elvis Duran Donates $100,000 To Cookies For Kids With Cancer With Delonghi

Every year we give the gift of Delonghi to listeners. From an air fryer to an espresso machine. With our Days of Giving with Delonghi we raised $60,000 for Cookies For Kids With Cancer.

The founder of Cookie For Kids had some great news to share with Elvis on-air today. "Well, now I know what it feels like to be Santa because yesterday we sent out emails to each of the grant recipients. It was 1.8 million dollars that was released yesterday. The emails went out to each of the doctors who were receiving grants, whose grant proposals have been through this very stringent criteria that our medical advisory board makes them go through in order to approve their grant. It was like “oh my goodness! I got a grant? Oh my goodness!” And it’s a big deal for us because our grants are what are called peer-reviewed, which means I have nothing to do with deciding who should receive the money. Our medical advisory board, which is a total separate entity, makes those decisions because they know what’s going on. And they’re the ones that know which science is the best. Which science is going to move from the lab to a child’s bedside in the shortest amount of time possible. So I just wanna say, that everyone in this room is part of that, and I applaud you. So thank you."

After presenting Cookies For Kids with their $60,000 big check, Elvis Duran declared that was just not enough. After switching the number on the large check from $60,000 to $70,000, Elvis decided the bump still wasn't enough. The final big check read $100,000. That is enough for one more grant to be given towards research.

Watch the reaction from Delonghi and Cookies For Kids above!