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Women Pooped Herself Heading To A Job Interview

Businesswoman wondering.

Have you ever duked yourself in public? The word is duked. The word may have a different meaning but today on Elvis Duran and the Morning Show we redefined the word duked as a way to ask listeners if they have ever pooped themselves in public. After hearing stories of Elvis' husband Alex and even Uncle Johnny pooping themselves in public, Elvis asked the listeners if they have any stories. One story that stuck out the most was from Listener Jackie.

Listener Jackie called in to tell us how she pooped herself while on her way to a job interview! "I was on my way, I was walking down the street, I miss judged a fart, and I shat myself," she explains to the morning show, "I called my friend for help and she just busted out laughing and she wouldn't stop laughing." Jackie continues saying, "I had to pull over and throw my underwear away but it was all over my skirt. So, when I went in to meet the person I was interviewing with I had to always be facing them so that I didn't turn around." The best part of this story? Jackie actually got the job!

You can hear more stories from our listeners below!