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Jason Derulo Says It Was Weird Not Being In Control Of 'Cats The Movie'

Cats, the major motion picture adaptation of the musical, starring huge artists like Taylor Swift, Jennifer Hudson and Jason Derulo. Early reviews of the film say it is "The strangest, most bewildering, queerest, magical, and spectacular cinematic experience I have ever had." While in studio with Elvis Duran, Jason Derulo described his experience with the film.

“I’ve seen it last night, and it’s so freaking good. It just transports you to a different world and you feel like you are part of this Cat troop. It’s something crazy," says Derulo. On talking about the practice and rehearsals during filming “It was just something that continued to get better and better with time, honestly. To first start it out, we were in cat school… For one, cats don’t walk like us… cats walk same arm, same leg. Secondly, they notice things with their nose first, so they’ll smell something and then they see it…That just brings things to life for you.”

When asked about working with his incredible co-stars like Jennifer Hudson he described her as "phenomenal." "She is so good... I heard her sing “Memories” a million times cause I was actually there and we shot it for several days.”

However there were some parts of being a part of a movie that made Derulo question himself. It was the first time that he was not in control of the work he was putting out. When Taylor Swift was asked this same question at the iHeartRadio Jingle Ball, she said she enjoyed letting go and someone else taking control.

“It’s a very humbling experience. It’s bringing back memories. I’m so used to being in the driver seat and controlling everything. Even when I was watching the show last night, I was like, “I would’ve probably turned that part up a little bit.” You’re really kinda giving full control to somebody else, and it’s a totally different thing…. It helps when you have an incredible director like Tom Hooper, he’s just a class act and the classiest director out three right now. I was joined at the hip with him as much as I could be, cause I was trying to take in all of the information that I possibly could cause I think he is incredible- his visual and the way he is able to make a story come alive on screen is very different than others. Watching Cats last night, there’s no different. When I watched Les Mis the first time, I was blown away, and I feel like Cats is the same vibe. It’s this 360 approach that is different to other directors.”

You can watch Derulo's full interview with Elvis above!