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Don McPherson Wrote His Book 20 Years Before Publishing It

Former Syracuse University quarterback and NFL player, Don McPherson can now put author in his job description. McPherson is pointing out "The Blind Spot of Masculinity" in his new book "You Throw Like a Girl: The Blind Spot of Masculinity."

"When I was 29," begins Don telling Elvis Duran on Wednesday December 11th, "there is a chapter in my book titled 29 because I was 29 years old when I first learned about the issue of men's violence against women. The other part was that I had been doing work around social issues that were always about drugs or alcohol, things that you do to yourself. This was an issue or something you do to somebody else. And because masculinity and men were the perpetrators. I was this iconic guy, this iconic man as a football player, so I had to debunk a lot of the myths about masculinity that were leading to violence against women."

"It's a brand new book right?" asks Elvis. "Yes, it came out in September. But I wrote it 20 years ago."

Don continues, "Yes they have. 20 years ago I wrote it and I was on Oprah. This was awesome because I was so ready for this. To be on Oprah's show talking about violence against women and I told her about the book. Mid show she gave me the name of a publisher. I got back here to New York and called the guy. He called me back immediately because of course I name dropped Oprah, how cool was that? Within a day the book is on its way and within a week he rejected it."

"And what he said was essentially, and by the way the rejection letter is in my book now, and what he said was: 'the people who need this book don't buy books and the people who buys books don't need your book. In other words women don't need you telling them that violence against women is a real thing and this is why it happens. And men who are the problem don't buy books.' And I found that to be so sexist against men. I was so offended by that notion that men don't care."

You can watch Don McPherson's entire conversation with Elvis Duran above. Also be sure to check out his book "You Throw Like a Girl: The Blind Spot of Masculinity" available now.