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Here's Why It Is Good For Your Brain To Try New Things

Freedom adult Man Tourist Wearing Casual Clothing On Zip Line Or Canopy Experience In Laos Rain Forest

There's a new study that show you need to learn new things in order to exercise your brain. "Learning a new language, learning how to cook, it brings us to this question ...... when's the last time you did something for the first time? Which means doing something new," Elvis Duran asks the room Monday December 9th morning. "I don't know, I don't think I've done anything new at all. This is what they say ... when you learn new things it opens up new hallways in your brain so the electricity has new ways to flow. If you start to experience dementia or alzheimers it's because those hallways get clogged and sticky. So you start opening up new hallways for electricity to flow and you could greatly reduce dementia later in life."

Skeery replies, "Earlier this year when we went to Singapore I zipped lined for the first time." Gandhi chimes in "I had bungee jumping on my list. I did it for the very first time in Singapore." Danielle says, "I fed Gators this year, never did that before."

"Think about it are you living a life where you're living a routine everyday... It's comfortable and it's not challenging in a bad way but it's also not challenging in a great way so you should get out there and do something new," says Elvis.

Listener Fred who works in Biology said, "Elvis you are absolutely correct, so what basically happens is in your mind if you are doing the same thing everyday it molds together but think about it that trip you took four years ago or that notable thing you did it's because your brain has to work harder to do new things so basically neurons firing that haven't been fired, doing new things are good for you it opens up those new pathways in your brain."

You can listen to our whole conversation about this topic below!

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