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Garrett Tests The Fart Launcher 3000

The gift of the season, The Fart Launcher 3000 is "powered by the deadliest farts!" as said on Target. Garrett from Elvis Duran and the Morning Show decided to put the fart launcher to the test.

Here is a description of the product via Target.

Get ready to make a stink with the Buttheads Fart Launcher 3000, an interactive farting toy. This bad boy is silent but stinky, and lets you blast real fart smells up to 10 feet away! Pump the caboose full of air & it will send a fart forward towards it's victim! Step one: place canister. Step two: Pull back handle. Step three: Pull the trigger and launch a fart towards your friends! This launcher is best used in well-ventilated areas, or outdoors, but will not leave a lasting stank in more enclosed areas. The scent canister includes 100+ rounds of blasts and is made with 100% plant-based material that dissipates in minutes! It’s time to REEK havoc and let 'er rip! Batteries included with purchase.

The Fart Launcher includes a stink cartridge for you to send your farts up to 10 feet away! Pull the lever until it locks in position, then pull the trigger to send your fart towards your victim! It holds up to 100+ blasts! Only 1 stink cartridge is included with your purchase.

Watch Garrett test the product above!