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Idina Menzel Talks Adam Sandler Oscar Buzz For ‘Uncut Gems’

Queen of Broadway and Arendelle, Idina Menzel is now taking a new title... Queen of Christmas. Menzel just released a new Christmas album Christmas: A Season of Love. With collaborations like Ariana Grande, Billy Porter and her husband Aaron Lohr, the tracks include "The Most Wonderful Time of the Year," and "Seasons of Love."

The album also features a collaboration with her Frozen costar Josh Gad. Frozen 2 was released in theaters two weeks ago and is already setting box office records! Besides her Christmas album and Frozen 2, Menzel also has the pleasure of promoting her new indie movie with Adam Sandler whom she says is already getting Oscar buzz for his role in 'Uncut Gems'. She plays his wife.

"He's getting so many great reviews," says Menzel on Sandler, "It's really good." She continues to compliment his acting and all comedians that end up doing film, "They are the most courageous artists we know," she continues, "You have to be fragile and vulnerable to be a comedian."

To have Frozen 2 out and promoting this "raw, r-rated movie," Menzel is loving the work she is currently putting out for the world.

Menzel's movie with Sandler comes out Christmas Day. You can also see Menzel perform in Atlantic City, Deceber 6th, Carnegie Hall in New York December 11th and more!

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