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Elvis Duran Petitions For Harry Styles To Come Onto The Show

Harry Styles has a new album out Fine Line, and it is so great. So great that his record label contacted the Elvis Duran and the Morning Show to phone into the show for an interview... PHONE IN?! That just won't do.

Intern Debra is a huge Harry Styles fan and she got so mad when word got out that Styles was calling into the show, not coming into the studio.

"I need a picture with him and I'm not going to hold up a phone and be like 'he's on this phone call,'" she complains. "You deserve better" says Elvis, "... don't phone call my show." Elvis continues, "Because of you [Intern Debra ] Harry Styles will not be allowed on our show unless he comes into the studio."

Ok... well you hear that Harry? The Elvis Duran and the Morning Show door is open for you! You can watch Intern Debra and Elvis Duran below as they express their petition for Harry Styles to come to the studio.

Photo: Getty