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Thanksgiving Food We Love And We Hate

Happy Thanksgiving!

With Thanksgiving being this week, Elvis Duran and The Morning Show sat down and discussed their favorite foods, their least favorite foods, and what they are all looking forward to this Thanksgiving.

Elvis, Scotty B, and Danielle reveal their unusual family food traditions they enjoy each year. Meanwhile, Gandhi has the most controversial Thanksgiving food love, the green bean casserole! 

As for the foods no one is looking forward to, Diamond and Skeery are cringing at the thought of cranberry sauce and it is pretty unanimous among the rest of the Morning Show that the green bean casserole is their worst nightmare (sorry Gandhi!).

We even had a very special visitor and former morning show member Carla Marie weigh in on the fun!

The Morning Show may be divided on the food front, but they all did agree on one thing, and that is they are most excited to their their loved ones this Thanksgiving.

You can watch what the rest of the show says about Thanksgiving in the video player above!