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Is It Ok To Breakup With Someone During The Holidays?

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It's the most wonderful time of the year... Well if you're not in a toxic relationship that is. Today on the show Gandhi told the show she thinks you should be able to breakup with someone whenever you want. Right now we're about to embark on a few months of holiday cheer, but she doesn't think that should stop you from leaving a relationship you don't want to be in anymore. However, the show disagrees. Elvis Duran even says maybe you should be more 'sensitive' to people and situations during this time of the year.

After bringing these questions to our Facebook and Twitter page, it is clear majority of people agree with Gandhi.. even if they were the ones being broken up with. One user on Twitter writes, "I’m with Gandhi. I’m not going to drag someone’s feelings out into the holidays. If anything right before is the best time to do it because they’re surrounded by family/friends and have their support system present." Another user says, "I agree with Ghandi, it's really a selfish move to wait, its more protecting your own feelings ("i would be a bad person") not to do it. You might be keeping them from a chance to meet the right person during the holidays."

One user wrote on our Facebook saying "I was broken up with a week before Christmas. Being holiday time it helped me focus on my family and enjoying the time I had with them instead of wallowing in sadness over a breakup. Plus I got to return his gifts which felt great!"

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