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Elvis Duran Asks His Burning Questions To Members Of The Show

Coming live from the Norwegian Encore Cruise ship, the Elvis Duran and the Morning Show gang play a game of "I'm Curious." The premise of the game is to get an interesting conversation started by saying, "I'm curious" and then going into the question.

The questions ranged from Elvis Duran asking Danielle what she wants for Christmas this year and Gandhi asking Skeery when the last time was that he had turned down a snack. Though, the game turned really personal. really fast. Brody then asked Elvis if he slept nude last night and Elvis responds honestly with a "yes." Skeery then proceeds to ask Gandhi, "just curious, would you consider having a threesome with your boyfriend, Brandon, and either another woman and another guy?" Gandhi immediately responds "No. Neither. Not sharing."

This game allows for many conversation topics to start up and ask people stuff that you are honestly curious about. We definitely recommend starting a conversation this way and seeing what you learn about your friends!

Listen below to hear the conversation below play out on the morning show!