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Straight Nate Gives A Health Update After Going To Hospital

After announcing on the show yesterday that our own executive producer Straight Nate is in the hospital Elvis Duran went on-air Wednesday November 20th morning saying, "I don't know where to start? You want to talk about Nate?" Elvis continues "Nate is out again today, he is still in the hospital. I think he is doing okay. I don't know. I've been texting him and you guys have been texting him." And with that Elvis announces that Nate is actually on the phone here to give us and our listeners an update on how he's doing.

They call it a subarachnoid hemorrhage which you have bleeding in your brain. And so, all the sudden on Monday night I had, I know Danielle you get migraines, it was ten times worse than any headache I've ever had in my life.
Me being the strong guy, I tell Heather I go "yeah you know I'll be fine!" and then it got worse, so then the ambulance came. So, they took me to the hospital and they determined that I had blood on my brain and so they sent me to the hospital where Danielle spent a lot of time at recently.They did this thing called an angiogram and they see a spot in my brain that looks suspicious. So, they are going to do this special MRI today to see what it is, but the doctors have all been pretty, the outlook is pretty good from what they've seen so far. So, they said people like me that they can't really find the cause the recovery is usually really really good so. 

Nate explains he is in really good hands right now and they are just making sure nothing else happens. Sending Nate our love through this difficult time. We miss you! You can listen to Nate's entire call to the morning show below!