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King Saladeen And Elvis Duran Partner Up For Shop It Forward

Coming from West Philadelphia, Raheem Saladeen Johnson aka King Saladeen, is now a world renown artist whose works are exhibited all over the world.

Now, Saladeen is teaming up with Elvis Duran and the Morning Show to Shop it Forward. Proceeds from each of his 'DREAM BIG' items support the charity Happiness is Camping, a camp for kids with cancer since 1982. Happiness Is Camping provides free summer camp to children with cancer and their siblings. They have provided free camp to over 20,000 children since they opened their doors 38 years ago. Many of the campers that attend Happiness Is Camping are on active cancer treatment and are too sick to attend other camps. The camp lets children leave the hospital and have fun at a camp where no one is judged for a bald head or a prosthetic limb. Camp helps these children develop friendships and focus on their personal development, putting smiles back on the faces of children with cancer. 

""I just thought like, can you imagine being a kid, being a person period, and have to deal with cancer? But a kid, and you can't do the regular thing kids do," Saladeen explains the cause to the Elvis Duran Show listeners, "So when I found out it was a camp that pretty much, like, had the same abilities that if you weren't sick, they can handle all of the that... I just, like, think this is better than anything. You know, the money being raised, and research and things like that also do that, but if kids can have fun, while they're like living, no issues, and it's a free camp where they can get treatment while they're there too. I figure if I was in this boat, I would love to be apart of this."

You can grab your own King Saladeen/Elvis Duran Show DREAM BIG apparel here.