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Iggy Azalea Thinks Alice Chater Is A "Complete Superstar"

Iggy Azalea is back with a new single LOLA featuring British rapper Alice Chater. Featuring a sample of "Mambo Italiano," the song is the feel good, dance bop, that we need as it gets colder outside. "I need it," Azalea explains the single to Elvis Duran Tuesday, November 19th, "I need some fun... Especially in winter everyone’s songs get so sad."

When describing the new single with new friend Chater, Azalea's entire face lit up. "Everybody needs to know more about Alice," Azalea explains, "She would be my friend no matter what." Azalea goes on to explain how she found Chater on Instagram saying her fans were talking about how much they actually disliked her... However when Azalea found her Instagram she followed her. "She kinda is THAT girl.. I could get why you would be a little intimidated by this person." Azalea goes on to explain she liked her vibe and gave her a follow. "I think she is a complete superstar. I think she’s that talented. She can hit whistle notes, a trained ballerina..... She can sing like an angel no auto tune needed."

Azalea's EP "The Wicked Lips" is set to be released on November 22nd after being delayed from its original date of November 14th, 2019. It set to also feature the single "These Days (Girls)" featuring famed Brazilian drag queen singer and songwriter Pabllo Vittar.

You can watch Azalea's full interview with Duran above.